Mission Statement

Our Mission

From One Region, to One World.

TaiOne Trading Ltd. is a Canadian trading company formed on Apr. 20th 2014. With a goal to showcase the world, Taiwan’s boutique produces from where all the share holders originated.

From One Passion, to One Promise.

TaiOne Trading Ltd is dedicated to being the premium purveyor of produce. Our products have always been, and will always be focused on enrichment. It is our passion to provide only the highest quality product to nurture peoples’ daily life.

From One Belief, to One Standard.

As a company, we embrace all diversities and will treat each other in the highest esteem and respect. We hold our people, our products and our ethics to the highest standards.

From One Harvest, to One Person.

To Our Customer, we have been, and will always be, about service. It all starts with the promise of a perfect harvest.  With a passionate team within all aspects, we will go above and beyond our customer’s expectation.  Our concern will begin and end with each of the patrons we have the privilege of providing for.

From Us, to You.

To our neighbors, we take the conscientious responsibility in seeing our communities thrive. We will never forget how we were given the opportunity to be a part of something great. Staying humble, being grateful and giving back is our way of saying “Thank You.”